2 Free Scholarships to IAFT for WMM Members


International Academy of Film and Television (IAFT) has opened a brand new facility in Burbank, Los Angeles offering affordable, top-quality filmmaking instruction in addition to its

previous locations in Miami, Cebu and Hong Kong. With locations around the world, IAFT students have the opportunity to travel and study in multiple locations during their diploma program, plus take advantage of the schools many global locations to build a network throughout various parts of the world.

The school has produced over 500 films driven by the creativity of its students and IAFT has become renowned
for its Certificate and Diploma programs in Filmmaking, the Performing Arts, and other specialty workshops.

This Summer IAFT opens its new campus with a series of Acting and Filmmaking Courses
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IAFT has teamed up with WE MAKE MOVIES to offer (2) full work-study scholarships for a Certificate Program in Filmmaking ($8990 value)

The Certificate Program in Filmmaking (344 hours or 5 months) is designed for those who have either graduated the Filmmaking Workshop or have other previous filmmaking experience. It is an immersive, hands-on course that shows you how to completely utilize every step of the filmmaking process artistically as well as technically – leading up to the creation of your own 3-5 minute film screened at a local theater.

(4) segments – Screenwriting to Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production – you will learn the full spectrum of creative tools you will need to craft your dream from the ground up.

These (2) scholarships are open to We Make Movies participants, members and friends only.   IAFT requires a 500 word testimonial on how you would take advantage of this Certificate Program to advance yourself and your projects and to learn more about how serious you are with your craft. Please include your name, address, email and phone number as well as any biography on your previous film experience and email to: [email protected] in word doc or pdf file only. Screening process will entail an interview and meetups with school officials.  Work-Study requirement will need daytime availability to work at the school campus in Burbank in Administration or Admissions 12 hours per week during the Certificate Program. Certificate Program must be taken at behest of school in Burbank, Los Angeles campus and cannot be transferred or delayed.

To learn more visit http://iaft.net

Attend an Open House call 818-900-1900 to learn more.