Production Needs emailed directly to you

UPDATE: we’ve just added another RSS feed specifically for Casting Needs / Audition Opportunites. you can add that feed the same as the Production Needs below, but with the following feed url:


if you haven’t seen them yet, our Production Needs posts are where local and community filmmakers put the word out about particular needs they have for a current or upcoming production. oftentimes there are casting needs and some of our actors have apparently been upset recently when they’ve perused the site and found out about a casting opportunity … but not until it was too late.

so we’ve created a specific RSS feed just for our Production Needs posts. if you’d like to get notifications whenever we publish a production need post, head on over to and enter the following link where it says “Website or Feed URL”:

… then enter your email address and hit ‘Submit’. feedmyinbox gives you five email subscriptions for free, so besides the Productions Needs emails you can get four other feeds!

happy hunting!