Jason Stare

Boom Operator / Production Designer

Jason Stare, a drummer and painter and overall visionary from New York. Jason studied at MICA has been working as an an Art Director and Production designer on feature films and music videos, most recently at Ravine Pictures, and performing and recording around the globe.

Jason has exhibited his paintings at Gallery Once in Silverlake in 2009, the 2011 Malibu Art Fair, and the 2011 Beverly Hills art show ‘A Fair in the Gardens’. He has installed and expanded on a Sol Lewitt mural in Malibu for the Paula Cooper Gallery. Jason has assisted Jason Paul Bennett in design, construction and stainless steel and bronze finishing for the Public Art Sculpture ‘Accent’ that resides in Cupertino, CA. Jason Stare’s broad background in carpentry includes custom frames, walls, custom furniture, and instruments.

Jason has been performing with a number of musical acts, currently drumming with The Submarines while writing and producing an album with Scott Barber. Jason is training in: recording techniques, audio post production, mixing techniques, live sound, acoustics, electronics, MIDI, music business, studio budgeting, mastering, microphone techniques, and session procedures.

Website: JasonStare.com