I’ve kind of fallen into consulting on crowdfunding campaigns as a means of, you know, paying rent. How did this happen? Well, mostly people kept asking me to do it and here we are. As much as I’d love to do all this for free, you can probably guess that I’m kind of maxed out on working for free.

And, apparently I’m not terrible at it.

“If you’re about to embark on a crowdfunding campaign, try to get on @lmcnelly ‘s calendar for consulting. A good man (and thorough). — Wonder Mill Films (@WonderMillFilms) March 13, 2012

“So what does that mean? Well I do 3 different things. And I’m starting to figure all this out, so if you come back, this might have all changed.


I have this database I’ve built (with some help), as well as another one that combines the RAW data from campaigns that have anonymously given it (usually in exchange for access to the rest of it). The big database results in this:

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