12 Steps To Film Well With A DSLR

Adam here. I’ve been critical of DSLR’s. Well, I should say that pretty much everyone has been critical of them. I’ve seen James Cox, Miles Rogoish, Christial Rigal, Will Stroud, Mike Mastroni and probably most notably, Darryl Tocco go on record with varying degrees of negativity towards their use in BMX. But there are other professional videographers who love filming BMX with their DSLRs, most notably Joe Simon and Stew Johnson.

Regardless of what professional filmers don’t care for them, they have become the standard on this website. And it’s easy to see why. They’re cheap. They’re HD. They’re small. They shoot photos. For most kids, a DSLR is the only choice since quality SD cameras are hard to come by and really, who actually enjoys capturing DV tapes?

Given how prominent these cameras have become, I figured it was only right to contact my friend Chris Zeppieri to create a guide for people who are just getting into filming. I’ve never filmed with a DSLR (me and my DVX are stuck firmly in the past) but I feel like if I were to start, this guide basically lays out everything I’d need to know. Enjoy.

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