Last Days: Ante Diem

superfreako productions’ first actual full episode of “Last Days: Ante Diem”. this was made with the very generous help of a 2011 Celtx Seeds grant. Celtx is now accepting submissions for their 2012 Seeds grants, the deadline is April 15th. Celtx is a great product – one we use for all our projects – and their staff is so helpful and friendly. definitely check them out.

“Last Days: Ante Diem” credits
director: Chad Kukahiko
producer: Kendall Kanoa Hawley
character illustrator: Travis Stanberry
scenic illustrator: John Sandel
animator: Denton Kukahiko”Albert” – Chris Mollica
“Elana” – Murisa Harba
“The American” – Jeff Elam
additional animations: Nick Ligonis
score: Kyle Puccia
story by: Chad Kukahiko & Pawel Sasik
screenplay: Chad Kukahiko
sound design: Kendall Kanoa Hawley
animation file preparation: Chad Kukahiko & Denton Kukahiko
VO recorded at: Big Joe’s Sound
sound engineer: Tim Burgoon

Special thanks to: Gary Imhoff, Nick Ligonis, Joe Ramos, Ryan Fitzgerald and the rest of the team at Celtx