How To Be a Better Camera Operator – Part 3: EQUIPMENT

As there are so many different cameras out there I’m not going to discuss the ‘right’ camera to choose or use, as this largely depends on the type of work you do and anyway, as I’m sure you’ve already discovered there’s so much stuff online now about all the various cameras that are available, their pros and cons, special features and …well the internet groans under the strain of it all!

In fact every time I Google ‘DSLR‘ I’m sure I can hear my laptop give out a little whimper. Bless it!

One thing I will say though is that having the latest, all singing all dancing camera with the brand new bells and whistles doesn’t make you a better camera operator. Similarly just because you have Microsoft Word on your computer doesn’t make you a better writer than William Shakespeare. I think you’ll all agree that even though good old Will had nothing but an unpretentious sharpened goose feather to work with… he kind of managed ok!!!

Seriously though, I think so many people out there get sold down the river with the idea that by shelling out their hard earned cash on the latest digital camera craze it will somehow suddenly and miraculously propel them to the dizzy heights of a well seasoned cinematographer, who’s rubbing shoulders with the likes of JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg! – Forgive my flippancy here – most unlike me I know … but guys, you know deep down inside it just isn’t the case.

Sorry gear hires companies and sellers of the latest digital devices, but somebody has to tell it how it is :)

And before you rush to your keyboards and challenge me on this… yes I know how brilliant the Red Epic is and how clever Canon’s DSLR’s are and how superb the Arri Alexa  is and all the other amazing gear out there and how the images are totally stunning… but I hope you get my drift here! Sometimes I see inexperienced ‘camera operators’ on shoots, nervously hiding their lack of expertise behind all the latest gizmos and toys, and guess what mantra’s murmured by industry professionals?… ‘All the gear…No idea’. – Guys…please don’t fall into the trap! Sorry about the rant… now back to the story!

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