Production Needs: The Interview

Production: The Interview
Contact: Whit Spurgeon
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone Number: 773-505-4932

Production Needs:

Seeking a producer for “The Interview,” my 2nd film as a director. This screenplay was warmly received by the We Make Movies collective, which urged us to go forth and make it!

What would you do? Help raise the $3000 this movie will probably need for production and post-production costs. Co-ordinate the shoot, find and rent equipment, scout and lock locations, create and send shooting schedules and contact lists, and all the joys those tasks imply. Handle much of the post-production, including creation of DVDs, and submission to festivals. Other producer-y stuff.

I already have the film cast, and I will probably be able to put together most of my own crew (for the most part — DP, 1st AD, Sound, etc — we may need to fill in a couple of holes), so some of the work normally involved in producing will already be taken care of up front.

And, of course, I will help you with all of these tasks. I put together fun crews of great people, and we all enjoy working together. So you need to have that same fun energy — because when we’re doing this for as little as we are, what’s the point if we’re miserable?

I’m hoping for someone ambitious enough to help raise the money to pay EVERYONE — that includes you, THE PRODUCER! We can talk about what everyone should make once you’re on board as producer, and build a budget from there.

So if you want a producer credit on what I think is going to be a very good little movie, if you don’t mind raising money so you can pay yourself and the others you enjoy working with, and if you like having a great time with great people while making stuff you believe in, give me a call or drop me an email. Let’s make a movie, and let’s get paid!

Whit Spurgeon