PL-mount Primes Compared

On December 10, 2011 Indent Studios organized a lens test that was very eye opening and educational for all that attended. I feel fortunate that I could partake in making it a successful event. 🙂 With the release of “affordable” cameras like the Epic-X, Scarlet, C300, and F3 (among many others) everyone is wondering what “affordable” lens package they should invest in, or rent for their camera. Indent Studios organized this event to use 3 Epic-X’s to shoot with 7 sets of lenses and find out the answer. After handling the lenses, and reviewing the footage we all came across some surprising results.

Check out the footage for yourself and download the R3Ds after the jump…
It took quite a coordinated effort to get all this gear and people in one place for one day. Everyone donated their time, expertise, and even traveled on their own dime to make this possible. So I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of the contributors who made this a successful event. It would not have been possible without these folks. Please show your appreciation for what these people have done by visiting their sites, and using their services.

Click Here to see the full article and more test videos. Do not forget to click the read more at the end of each post. That is where you will find more of the test footage and a thorough breakdown of the test results.