SeeFlik: Searching for the Next Great Filmmaker

SeeFlikhello all! hope you’re having a wonderful New Years Eve (or New Year, if you’re reading this after today). during the break, we heard from Kammie Daniels who is a part of this very interesting site called “SeeFlik.” it looks very interesting – definitely something you’ll all want to know about if you’re in film school or have graduated from film school (either undergraduate or graduate) within the last five years. this is what Kammie says about it:

Aspiring filmmakers can have a difficult time finding promising platforms to showcase their new projects or works-in-progress. The opportunities they’re offered before reaching a wide public audience are usually limited to classroom or household screenings, perhaps accompanied by a few words of wisdom from professors or peers. Emerging filmmakers’ material often goes unnoticed by the fellow film enthusiasts or industry professionals that could help jumpstart their career.

For those who have a project to they’d like to unveil, the online company SeeFlik has developed two concurrent short film competitions for up-and-coming storytellers. The competitions, the ‘Judges Award’ and ‘Fans Favorite’, will take place twice annually with a possible grand prize package of $50,000. Additionally, SeeFlik will offer an opportunity for the hopeful to meet with studio and industry executives and agencies, many of whom are outstanding names among the independent film community.

Perhaps best known for its outreach towards emerging artists but associated with many of our industry’s finest, SeeFlik currently holds close relationships with several acclaimed screenwriters, including Robert Mark Kamem [Karate Kid series, The Fifth Element], Keir Pearson [Hotel Rwanda], Shane Black [Lethal Weapon, The Long Kiss Goodnight], and Angela Pizzo [Hoosiers, Rudy]. All of whom take a spot on the SeeFlik competition panel of judges. Luis Guzman, veteran actor of films like Carlito’s Way and Boogie Nights, will also be judging the latest festival.

There is a fee of FREE for each film entered, and a filmmaker may enter as many films as they like. Registration closes on January 8, 2012.

In the exclusive cinematic circle of filmmaking, SeeFlik is a unique resource. The competition details, an extensive collection of existing participants’ films, and SeeFlik’s newly launched blog can all be found at

intriguing, right? go check it out and submit your films if you’re looking to raise funds for another. thanks for the hookup, Kammie!