Production Needs: The Seer

Production: The Seer
Contact: Jeff Ali
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone Number: 310-439-9087

Production Needs:
We’re shooting a short and/or a few scenes from a feature that I have in development and looking for cast and crew.

Cast Wanted: Elderly man, “Simon”, still deciding the age, but original character starts on the eve of his 110th birthday. My partner on this project is an amazing VFX artist (Benjamin Button, iRobot and more..) who can age our character so any male is free to apply.

Cast Wanted: Female Caregiver/Friend of Elderly Man. 20’s something.

Location: The feature is set as a Western circa mid to late 1800’s

If the timing of the short works out we submit the project as a team effort to the Sundance London Shorts contest.

Additional Needs: All sorts of cast, crew, and production support. If you are interested in getting involved in any way please contact me. If you are an actor send link to reel, headshot and imdb profile. Thanks in advance!