Last Days: Ante Diem — the superfreakos’ first animation

so this is superfreako productions’ (Chad, Denny & Kendall‘s production company) very first stab at animation. it’s a motion comic prequel to Chad’s episodic series “Last Days“, set in ’80s Buenos Aires, and this particular video is only Part One of what will end up being a five or six part series. Part Two will be launched some time around New Years, but after that we’ll have to raise some funds to do the rest. enjoy and please spread the word if you like it – particularly because in order to finish the whole thing, we’ll need people to pitch in and give us some fundage. =)

Albert: Chris Mollica
The American: Jeff Elam
Elana: Murisa Harba

illustrators: Travis Stanberry & John Sandel
animators: Denton Kukahiko & Nick Ligonis
score by: Kyle Puccia
produced by: Kendall Kanoa Hawley
story by: Chad Kukahiko and Pawel Sasik
screenplay / directed by: Chad Kukahiko

below is a little video the superfreakos did to show their appreciation to Celtx – who gave the superfreakos a small grant to help create this piece. if you’d like to make sure you are kept up-to-date on Last Days: Ante Diem and when to expect the next episode, feel free to sign up for their monthly email newsletters.