ShotList Puts A Shot List In Your Pocket

Organization is key on any film set. Without it, production would descend into chaos. Fortunately, a new tool called ShotList ($9.99) can help you keep track of your shot lists while on set.

The setup of the application is very simple, so as not to get in the way of your workflow. But, don’t let the simple interface give you the wrong idea. Shot list includes just about any feature you would need. The app combines some of the best aspects of having your shot list on paper with the benefits of a digital workflow.

When I started this review, Soluble Apps (ShotList’s developer) was about to release v2.0, a major upgrade. I had the chance to thoroughly test the older version of the app, as well as the new version prior to its release. It’s also worth nothing that Soluble Apps plans to keep providing updates in a rapid fashion as the app approaches its 3rd major version. ShotList is a universal app, which performs the same way on both the iPhone and iPad.

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