Free 30 Day trial for Scenios Production Cloud Based Software

I have been using Celtx online production software for a while and it has been very useful and it seems to always be growing. We are also collaborating with them for the Celtx Seeds Program. A project that is helping to promote several projects for those of use that use their product. Keep an eye out for our project which should be up on their website in early December. I definitely recommend it for short format filmmakers mainly because of the price and accessibility and they keep improving on their product.

I have also used Gorilla by Jungle Software before and I would also recommend that for anyone who is producing longer format scripts but if you do use it, you will have to pay the price. It is not cheap.

Now there is a new production software, Scenios, similar to Celtx (cloud based) that seems to be as extensive as Gorilla, but at first glance it seems that you can invite a much larger team. Along with this convenience you also have to pay the price. Roughly $100/year for 1 project or $300/year for unlimited projects. There are also a few more price options that increase the amount of users as well as the amount of storage, but you also have to pay an annual subscription fee as opposed to the one time but more limited access of Gorilla & Celtx.

I am always looking for the best way to improve our pre-production efficiency so I plan to give this a 30 day trial for my next project. In the meantime I suggest you all give it a try. If you don’t I should have an update within the next few months that will give the pros and cons of the 3 that I have used myself. If you have any other software that you can vouch for please post a comment here and I will give that a try as well.

Click Here to go to the Scenios Website