Calculate Memory Usage with KataData App

Emery Wells at Katabatic Digital has created a handy memory usage calculator app for the iPhone. KataData is a storage and runtime calculator with more than 100 camera and record format options, including cameras from ARRI, Canon, JVC, Panasonic, RED, Sony, and Vision Research. If you plug in a runtime, it will tell you the memory needed, or you can plug in a memory amount and it will tell you how much runtime it allows. Switch cameras or codecs and it will calculate a new corresponding memory amount or runtime; this is useful when transcoding material or when shooting with a different format on a B-camera. Calculations can be stored in a log which can be adjusted and edited, then emailed to the production office or post house. It’s a great tool for any data wrangler, DIT or AC.

KataData is available for $4.99 in the iTunes Store.