UltraViolet reviewers hate Hollywood’s digital locker

Talk about a bad first impression: The first two Blu-ray discs featuring Hollywood’s new UltraViolet cloud locker have been met with a lot of criticism from consumers, who have been calling the technology an “awful move,” “bogus,” a “joke” and a bunch of other things we can’t reprint here in numerous reviews on Amazon.com. Many consumers took issue with the fact that they couldn’t download the digital version onto their iPad, and one wrote: “All I can say is that their digital cloud is a bunch of hot air that smells REALLY bad.”

UltraViolet is Hollywood’s attempt to prolong the life of its physical disc business, create an alternative to digital movie rentals and sales through Apple’s iTunes store and at the same time curtail piracy by controlling what users can do with downloaded copies and cloud-hosted versions of a movie.

Warner Bros. was the first studio to market with two UltraViolet-enabled discs, The Green Lantern and Horrible Bosses. At least in theory, consumers can use Warner’s Flixter service to access digital streams of both titles. However, in practice, it looks like the experience isn’t quite as streamlined as the studio had hoped for. Check out the Amazon reviews for both movies, and you’ll hardly find a good word about UltraViolet. Instead, you’ll find a number of accounts like this one:

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