Roundtrip from FCPX to Resolve to FCPX and transfer projects into Final Cut Pro 7 too!

Friday saw the release of Resolve 8.1, an update to the color grading tool that now allows the import and export of FCPX projects. What followed however was a weekend of discovery when editors realized they could use this to swap projects between FCPX and FCP7.

You might have seen the posting we published from the recent Montreal Final Cut User Group where Blackmagic Design’s Resolve was demonstrated by Patrick Inhofer. Mathieu Marano who is one of the organizers of the group decided to take the new 8.1 for a spin. The new version supports the import and export of FCPXML which allows you to roundtrip your projects from FCPX into Resolve for color grading and then back to FCPX.

We will post Mathieu’s first video which shows the round-tripping process and also details howResolve keeps the time-warp effect and dissolve that he applied to the original project. Keep reading though as this is not the best bit of news!

Resolve also supports XML import and export, so Mathieu thought he would try using Resolve as a bridge or translator to get an FCPX project into Final Cut Pro 7.

And what do you know, it worked!

Click Here to see the Resolve form FCP X to FCP 7 video