Production Needs: Untitled CTW5 Web Pilot

Production: Untitled CTW5 Web Pilot
Contact: Marilyn Anne Michaels
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone Number: 213-804-0816

Production Needs:
Hello everyone! My name is Marilyn and my friend Whit Spurgeon informed me about this Production resource through your group. My roommate Dominic Conti also recently joined you.

I’m one of 17 teams that will be producing a web pilot from concept to finish for the Celebrate the Web 7 day pilot festival. This festival is really exciting and they show all of the pilots on a big screen (last year they showed them on a huge screen in HD at ACME comedy theatre in Hollywood and they looked amazing.) Plus there was a red carpet photo op opportunity if that kind of stuff turns you on. This year they are also offering prize money for the winning team. I support this festival because it is trying to raise the bar of web TV and also inspire people to create.

You can find out more about the festival here.

On Nov 2nd they will be announcing 3 elements that must be used in the pilot (perhaps a quote, a graphic element and a 3rd random element) — at that point teams can begin writing and production. This is why I have no idea yet what the pilot will be about, so I can’t sell you on the project by giving you an awesome logline or script. Instead, I will try to seduce you onto my team by:

1. This is so much fun and it’s a great opportunity to get your foot in the door in the web space. Or if you are already a part of this wonderful web community then I think you would really enjoy being a part of a growing festival for all us new media lovers.

2. I will show you a sample of my work, just so you know I have actually produced something before that didn’t suck. ( – Watch episode 7 to see Whit and Dominic.

I want to shoot this in HD, obviously.

Looking for people with great attitudes who are fun to work with. Bonus if you are a woman, but not a deal breaker. Bonus if you live in the valley (our team name is Team 818), but, also, not a deal breaker.

I’m trying to keep a small team so that if we win we are going to split the prize money evenly and then there would obviously be more moolah for each person to make it even more worth their time and talent and energy.


  • Lighting Expert / Gaffer
  • Editor
  • Composer
  • DP / Cinematographer

There will of course be crafty and meals provided. And the goal is – One Shoot Day at 8 hours / 10 hours max. We will probably shoot as early as possible in the week giving the most post time to Editor and Composer as possible. Fest starts 11/2 and final digital file is uploaded by 9am on 11/10.

If you are interested call or email me. If you aren’t sure if you are interested…you can still call or email me. If you think this is a load of crap and doesn’t sound fun at all…you can still email or call me and vent about it if you like.