PrescreenUPDATE:so as i said below, after seeing pieces that are 67 minutes and 44 minutes i figured what the hell, maybe they’ll post shorts too. so i submitted my twelve-minute short film ‘carefully descending‘ and this is what i got back:

Hi Chad,

Thank you for your interest in featuring your film on Prescreen.

Unfortunately, Prescreen is only accepting full-length feature films at the moment. However, we will keep your information on hand and contact you when appropriate. Please do not take this as a rejection, we enjoyed learning about your film and hope to have an opportunity to feature it soon.

so whatevs, no biggie. i didn’t know 44 minutes was feature-length, but it’s all good. just wanted yall to know: they don’t accept “shorts” or rather films under i guess 44 minutes. =/


file this under “veeeeeeeeery interesting”. it’s a new site called Prescreen apparently founded by one of the Groupon dudes – see the Forbes article on it here and peruse the actual site here – though you’ll have to give them your email to actually see anything.

it’s a site that lets you view (not download – stream through their site) indie films that you’ve probably never heard of. they have all kinds of incentives to get you to buy the films – for instance the first 5% of people who buy the film get their money back as a credit to watch more films, and you only pay 1/2 price if you buy it in the first day. once you “buy” the film you get 60 days from the day it was first available on the site to watch it online, and like i said before you don’t actually get the film. you don’t get a DVD or a digital download.

i know, right? veeeeeeeery interesting. i’m very curious to see how it all turns out. aren’t you? in fact, i just submitted carefully descending to see what happens. cross your fingers!