Mae Aswell

Mae AswellWhaddaya say about a girl who comes from a short line of mid-19th Century politicians in a lovely South American country known for its beef and baggy-panted cowboys?

With a career beginning in radio, spreading to voiceovers, stand-up, writing/producing/directing/acting in a sketch comedy show, guest starring in a Spanish TV crime drama with serious novela overtones (but when does anything occurring in Tijuana not have serious novela overtones?), as well as a couple o’ films that actually made it to Sundance, she’s a veritable Pandora’s box of random access talent. That’s all right with her; a moving target never sleeps.

Career goals include living to see the demise of Reality TV, starring in “Police Academy: 2012 – the Prophecy,” and playing Angelina Jolie’s grandmother.

Current project: Writer, Producer, Co-Hostess of GOING COMMANDO! virtual happy hour Wednesdays 7pm Pacific on or on
demand on iTunes