Hats 4 Hutus! A Hipster Backlash benefit concert/BBQ shoots Oct. 23rd! Come be a part of it!


You are cordially invited to join us for a very special Underground Performance of the World Famous Band Hipster Backlash!
Here are the event details:

WHAT: “Hats for Hutus” Benefit Concert

WHY: Because the people of Africa need trucker hats!

WHEN: Sunday October 23rd (NEXT SUNDAY)
festivities begin 2PM
(Band Performances will begin around 3PM – so please try to get there by then)

WHERE: 6103 Pine Crest Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90042
(Highland Park – It’s a house party/BBQ)

ATTIRE: Come as your favorite flavor of hipster! What does this mean? Ironic masks = perfect! People wearing wigs bought at Party City to emulate hipsters = not excellent! Safe = some sort of flannel/tight jeans/trucker hat/ironic tshirt combo.

YOUR REWARD: First 50 people to arrive get a free Hipster Backlash t-shirt, free Beer and food, and you’ll probably even end up in the film (maybe even with a speaking part, we’ll be doing a lot of interviews and shooting a bunch of doc type footage)

We’ll provide the basics, but feel free to bring anything you particularly like to drink or want to throw on the grill.

If you want to come out, drop an RSVP to: [email protected]

You don’t have to be certain – we just want to get a head count so we know what to expect when buying our grub.
You are welcome to bring friends -just please add them to your head count.

So here’s the REAL scoop:
We need your participation!!!

This is both a PARTY and a SHORT FILM SHOOT. If you come, there’s a very good chance you will be in the film. If you talk to our reporters or speak to the camera, there is even more of a chance you’ll make the cut, especially if you’re clever, crazy, or just plain weird! We want you to have fun with it – lots of improv and some very interesting….ahem….we mean amazing performances by our very own HIPSTER BACKLASH (band), and our 3 surprise GUEST bands!

Below are some suggestions for “Hipster” wear – and a link to a site to help you out!

Hipster Clothing
Anything tight-fitting: skinny jeans, small vests, tight jackets,
shirts one size too small
Anything vintage 80s 70s
Small hats– beanies, fedoras, hats with veils
Old school sneakers, chucks, high-top chucks or boots
Oversized plastic glasses or sunglasses, old school Ray Bans
Asymmetrical side-swept bangs, sleek hair, shag cuts
Cottons, plaids, solids, no nylon
Funky burlesque, torn stockings
Irreverent mix of patterns and colors

See you at the Backyard BBQ and Basement Show!

**Upon arrival, you will be requested to sign a release to be in the film – if you don’t like the camera, just don’t talk to it! :)**
Hipster Backlash is a short film mockumentary – the Spinal Tap of our generation. It is written by Micah Moss, and directed by Sam Mestman, and is part of the series of funded films by WE MAKE MOVIES to be screened in January 2012. www.wemakemovies.org