Game Reset: The FCP X fallout has been a blessing in disguise.

Why? Because like so many other editors I will be learning Premier Pro.

Don’t get me wrong, I bought FCP X the day it came out and I will learn how to use it – well. But it’s clear that Apple is leaving the professional software space. So I, like so many other fulltime freelance editors will have to readjust. Soon I’ll be able to add another slash to my title: Avid / FCP/ Premiere Pro editor. And even though I have the same concerns a lot of other editors have about how the $300 FCP X price tag will further commoditize our craft, I think it’s ultimately a good thing all of this happened. Why?

  • And then there were 2. This leaves Adobe and Avid in the professional editing space. They make solid products but more importantly, both companies care about pros and what we need to get out jobs done. They have a collaborative, respectful and inter-dependent relationship with pro users. They need us to not only survive but thrive. It’s clear that FCP (and the Apple approach) has made Adobe and Avid’s offerings more competitive over the years. And because of some of the cool features in FCP X (despite the pro limitations), Adobe and Avid will be forced to continue to improve and innovate. The bottom line – with Avid and Adobe there is the sense that we’re in this together.