Production Needs: Untitled Collaborative Project

Production: Untitled Collaborative Project
Contact: Amanda Lippert
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone Number: 917-693-1665

Production Needs:
Looking for a Writer, DP and PM to be on the core production team of a collaborative film project produced by Amanda Lippert. The last two projects produced collaboratively by this team through WWM were executed in record time and were great experiences for all involved. Descending Harmony most recently screened along with How I Got Lost at the Downtown Independent and was submitted to Sundance.

As part of our core production team, you will get the chance to participate in our concept pitch process and get insight on the entire film process from beginning to end as an integral part of a highly functioning team.

Out of the box thinkers and hard workers welcome. With each film we make, we are refining this experimental yet highly effective process.