Selling Your Film Without Selling Your Soul!

I am super excited to announce the publication of a new book written by myself, Sheri Candler and The Film Collaborative titled Selling Your Film Without Selling Your Soul!

I am also super excited to tell you that you can download the PDFor ePub version for free or by tomorrow you should be able to pre-order the paperback for $9.99 by tomorrow ($10 off the regular retail price of $19.99) by clicking here.

Finally for any of you in New York City next week, you are invited to our Launch Party Monday Night September 19th from 6-8pm at Bamboo52 344 West 52nd Street NYNY. For more info and to RSVP click here by September 16th.

SELLING YOUR FILM WITHOUT SELLING YOUR SOUL peers behind the curtain of secrecy surrounding distribution, and celebrates the independent spirit of groundbreaking filmmakers. The book includes marketing and crowdfunding strategies, distribution spends, community building and detailed ancillary and digital distribution numbers for the following films: Ride The Divide, The Cosmonaut, The Best and The Brightest, Sita Sings the Blues, Note by Note, Bass Ackwards, Adventures of Power, American: The Bill Hicks Story, Undertow, For the Bible Tells Me So, and the webseries PioneerOne.

Click Here to download (free to download until 10/1/11)