Get Rewarded For Your Indie Movie Taste With Prescreen

You’ve got excellent taste in movies — far superior to your friends, of course. You’re always first to find and recommend the best under-the-radar films. But can you prove it?

If you’re finding and watching flicks on Prescreen, an independent film-focused startup that made its premiere Wednesday, you can not only backup your boast but get rewarded for being in the first 5% of folks to buy and watch the film.

The startup takes partial inspiration from Groupon’s — CEO and co-founder Shawn Bercuson was an early employee at the daily deals giant — but skews the model to favor filmmakers and movie buffs.

Here’s how it works: Prescreen features one new independent movie each day. Subscribers are notified via email, and Prescreen users can watch a free trailer on the site and then opt to rent and stream the flick for $4. Buyers then have a 60-day viewing period to watch the movie, and 48 hours to finish it once they start watching.

There’s another twist though: The $4 rental price is only good on day one — it’s $8 thereafter — and the available viewing period decreases with each passing day until the 60 day window expires completely. Plus, those who are first to buy will have a higher likelihood of getting their money back in the form of a free movie credit. So, the site creatively incentivizes users to buy early and rewards them should they be first to spot a popular selection.

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