Production Needs: Sleep Disorder

Production: Sleep Disorder
Contact: Tom Murtagh
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone Number: 818-825-0640

Production Needs:
Short film, dealing with a private contractor working in Iraq. Interesting piece, originating over a beer with a friend who is a stuntman/actor who will play lead role. Atypical action/psychological experiment.

  • Role of Doctor. Male. Late 30’s to Mid 50’s. Shrink. Calm, cool, encouraging professional. Race, ethnicity open.
  • Industrial Hallway W/Elevator At End, Location. A fight scene will occur here.
  • Psychiatrist Office Location Professional but generic.
  • Desert Field Location Cheated for quick moment in Iraq.
  • Cinderblock Structure Location Simple structure also cheated for Iraq. Interior used for longer scene.
  • Sound Mixer/Boom Operator
  • Prod. Manager
  • First AD
  • PA or 2
  • Costume/uniforms of 4 private contractors in Iraq, circa 2008.
  • Props/Weapons. Weapons for same characters above. (Considering use of armorer and blanks, as cast has background from stunt work. Weapons fire mostly sound effects, however.)

That’s it for this moment. Dates not nailed down, but expecting to shoot over 2 weekends. Piece runs about 25 minutes. Some money…but notta-lotta. Let’s discuss.

Email and I’ll send script. Pretty fast read. Thanks much for your time.