Production Needs: Bed-Stuy Lullaby

Production: Bed-Stuy Lullaby
Contact: Brett Fleisher
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone Number: 202-744-3855

Production Needs:


We are looking for a cheap/free locations for our short film:

1) Two New York Style One-Bedroom Apartments (Can be one room converted into two)

2) Hallway with Mailboxes

*Our story takes place in a run-down area of Brooklyn and are looking for a cluttered/grimy new york feel.


Two Roles

1) Sha’rell: 30s/40s African American crackhead, semi-toothless, scattered facial hair, with Jekyll and Hyde personality. Must have good comedic timing

2) The Girl: 6 years old, African American. Must have the vulnerability and innocence of a child of 6 or younger. Sweet, scared and lovable.

Thanks for your help and recommendations!