Distribution Guru Jerome Courshon on The Secrets to Distribution Part 1

If you’ve made a movie and you need distribution, whether it’s traditional or doing DIY (Do it Yourself) approach, this is the ultimate program to understand the game or actualize having distribution; getting it, securing it for traditional distributors, or getting it in the marketplace yourself and learning what you need to do to actually drive traffic, build an audience, and get people to buy your film. Nobody in the world until now has ever created a program like this, “Secrets to Distribution – Get Your Movie Distributed Now.”

“I hate to admit this, but my first movie took me four years to get distribution with anybody. I ultimately ended up with Warner Brothers. I did everything I knew to do and everything that I thought to do was more than most filmmakers knew. I did things like talk to all my filmmaker colleagues that I met on the film festival circuit. ‘What home video companies have you submitted to?’ ‘Whom have you submitted to? Will you share that with me?’”–Jerome Courshon

Jerome Courshon, the producer of “Secrets to Distribution” had put together a list, which he revised periodically of whom to submit to. He even asks filmmakers in his classes, “How many people looked down the aisle on the back of the video boxes to see who they should send their film to?” And a bunch of hands go up.

“I did that, too, and that’s such an incomplete way to do it. When I was done on my journey, I had realized that in the first couple of years of trying for distribution, not counting the studios, I really only hit about 20-25 home video companies. Those were the only ones I knew existed.” –Jerome Courshon

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