how to raise $100k plus for your film

'Crowdfunding Takes Off' on PeterBroderick.comso … yeah i’m not really qualified to ACTUALLY tell you how to raise $100k plus for your film, but if anybody can, Peter Broderick can.

Peter is a film consulting bad ass with more chops than a Benihana chef on meth, and in an article (or ‘Bulletin” as he calls them) he put on his site in February he describes some recent Crowdfunding success stories. check them out:

The most successful film projects are now raising hundreds of thousands of dollars, when not that long ago they were raising tens of thousands. The top three films in the Kickstarter Hall of Fame are BLUE LIKE JAZZ ($345,992), THE PRICE ($161,774), and I AM I ($111,965).

i had the pleasure of meeting Cora and Jen from Present Pictures at Distribution U at UCLA last year and they were very cool and extremely generous about sharing what they learned working with Peter to formulate and execute their own hybrid distribution plan for their previous film ‘Good Dick‘. needless to say, i was quite pleased to hear about their success raising over $100k on Kickstarter and can’t wait to see the finished film when it comes out.