Choosing our next film to fund!

Update: Please folks, only submit one script per writer. We know this is exciting, but please only submit the one script. We want this to be as fair as possible and are only going to accept one script per writer, so make our lives easy and don’t make us decide which we think is best for this little process – particularly because you may not like the script we choose! In fact, we might just randomly decide which one to even consider and may not even read the others – not because we hate you, but just because we have a ton of scripts to read in a very short amount of time, so … well, you get the idea (I hope). Thanks.


Alright guys! This IS the information you’ve been waiting for!

As you probably know already, thanks to you and your wonderful generosity, we not only hit our Kickstarter target for funding our very first slate of short films, but ALSO hit the target we had set for funding a seventh film! Yes, we raised an EXTRA $2000 with which we can fund yet another film, and yes, that film can be yours! But how to be fair about deciding which film to fund? Well we had a little meeting last night to figure that out – particularly how we as a collective (which includes YOU btw if you’re reading this) will choose the seventh film. After much deliberation over libations we came up with the following:

Rules for WMM Seventh Film submission:

  • THERE IS NO ENTRY FEE AND ANYONE CAN SUBMIT. Script submissions are open to the public but we will only be selecting a maximum of twenty scripts to participate in the competition. Also, FYI, WMM regulars (the people who come regularly to our workshop and show up to our events) will get priority in the selection process, but if you’re reading this and you have a kick-ass short, it’ll probably get picked. If you want to meet us and see what we’re all about, pop into our next workshop this upcoming wednesday (July 20th) at the Complex. If we can place a face to your script, it helps your chances.
  • Scripts must be seven (7) pages or less in regular script format – no formatting shenanigans. (seriously)
  • It must be realistic that the script can be produced for $2,000. So … no helicopters, car explosions, or epic crane shots over a metropolis jammed with a zombie horde (as much as we’d love to see that) … no can do. Keep it simple.
  • Script submissions need to be in pdf format ONLY (no final draft, celtx, word doc or – sweet jesus, please! – rtf files) and the pdfs need to be emailed NO LATER than 11:59pm on August 1st to [email protected] with ‘EXTRA FILM SUBMISSION’ in All-Caps in the subject header. If you email us at 1am on August 2nd, too bad, so sad, bye-bye. Save it for the next Slate.
  • Only submit your film if you are willing to cast it with 50% (or more) WMM actors. And again, if there are a ton of actors that you know that aren’t yet WMM actors, bring them to any workshop and Voila! They’re good to use! And just to be clear: this is more than just a willingness thing. if your script DOES get chosen, you WILL be expected to cast the film with at least 50% We Make Movies actors. It’s just part of the deal.
  • If you’ve already sent us a script for consideration, please resend again with “EXTRA FILM SUBMISSION” in the subject heading. Basically, we don’t want to have accidentally lost your film in the shuffle, and this will guarantee it goes into our mailbox filter for consideration.

Please understand a couple other things: we want to be as fair as possible about this, but we also want the quality to be solid. If you send us 47 different scripts, please don’t get mad if we only pick one, and if you’re not happy with the script we chose, perhaps you should have just sent us the one you liked best. Also, if you just throw something together last minute and it shows – if we have a lot of scripts to choose from – please don’t get mad at us if we give you the opportunity to work on it some more before submitting it for production.

The plans is for us to read ten scripts each over two different nights in mid-to-late August and on each night, attendees will vote for three films to move to the finals. These two nights will be pretty close to one another – about two weeks apart – so we can decide sooner. Once the 6 finalists have been selected, we will do a final workshop where writers will first pitch their scripts (you will have no more than FIVE minutes) to the audience not only about why their movie will kick ass, but also why it can be done for $2000. From there, each of the finalists will have their shorts read again by actors (writers who make the finals will be allowed input in the casting process). At the end of the night, votes will be tallied up secret ballot style, and the winner will be the script with the most votes from the audience! That winner will get 2 grand to go make their film.

So there you have it. good times and what we hope is a fair way to figure out which piece to fund next. Please pay attention to all the rules above. We really want the next WMM-funded script to be a great one and want to give you all a chance to submit and vote on which one you think is best.

So, now that all the damn rules are out of the way, write your scripts, tell your friends, and let’s have some fun!