7/28/11 – Chad

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is it just me or are the floodgates starting to open up for indie content creators already? Mark Suster from Both Sides of the Table (amongst others) has been predicting the day would come for a while, but just yesterday, both the New York Times and Tubefilter came out with articles with news both interesting and exciting for this coming indie content creator revolution.

the NYT’s article was more for indie filmmakers and Tubefilter’s was for the web content creators, but they were both just as cool.

the truth is that some bits of the news are a little bit older and might seem a tad limited in scope (i.e. Sundance’s deal reported by NYT is only for people who’ve come up through Sundance workshops or been accepted into the festival), but what’s interesting to me is the sheer volume of such projects and programs and deals and options and the speed at which we hear of new ones every day. there is not – nor will their ever be – a silver bullet for the indie filmmaker, but the variety of options for indie content creators to expand their audience is still exciting.

don’t get me wrong. i still believe that the last remaining obstacle to the dawning of our time will be the curator/channel solution – the solving of the massive paradox of choice problem that we face, but the projects discussed in these two articles are still great news. feel free to peruse both articles at your leisure by clicking on their names above, but here are some quick snippets from each if you’re too busy or lazy or whatever:

  • apparently Sundance is starting an expansion of their artist services in which they’ve pre-negotiated terms with a bunch of different VOD distributors so that films that don’t get picked up from there can dig right into one of these deals and start to distribute on their own. Sundance is not planning to make a profit from these deals, Redford said about them “We’re not in the distribution business; we’re in the business of helping independent voices be heard.” sounds pretty cool to me!
  • Youtube came out with it’s Partners Program Report a few days ago (Download the pdf of it here). it showcases some of the most successful Youtube Partners and talks about how and why they’ve been doing so well.
  • though this isn’t particularly news – since voting on it happened back April and they were promoting it all through March – it’s news to me and perhaps news to you: YouTube kicked off the YouTube NextUp program and the YouTube Creator Institute – both new-ish programs meant to foster new talent.
  • YouTube also began their On The Rise program last October – to help normally lesser known YouTubers by putting them on the front page.

so … interesting stuff, yes? interesting and exciting. i continually look for these windows of opportunity and perhaps one will pertain to one or more of our projects – or perhaps even one or more of YOUR projects. please let us know if we’ve turned you on to something helpful and let us know if you hear of projects to share with our friends and colleagues.

… and on completely unrelated news, here’s video of Kevin Smith auctioning and then buying his own film. yes, that stunt he pulled that pissed off so many film industry professionals yet made indie creators sit up and listen way back in January. sort of unrelated, but apropos.

Chad is the Creative Director of supefreako productions. A writer/director with over two decades experience as a performer, Chad traveled the world with STOMP in the late nineties and then moved to Los Angeles where he’s played drums for an Elektra-records band, written and produced an album of his own and worked in TV, film and theater as an actor.

Chad founded superfreako productions in 2007 with his brother Denny and long-time girlfriend Kendall. Follow the on-going story of superfreako productions at blogfreako.com.