7/11/11 – Chad

time/tripThis article reposted from blogfreako.com, the on-going, real-life story of superfreako productions.

time/trip gets interesting

so early last month, we launched “time/trip” – that game that’s part-scavenger hunt / part “Choose Your Own Adventure” that leads players around Los Angeles to find QR code stickers which unlock short films that can be watched on mobile devices – blah blah blah, you probably know the drill (and if you don’t, read this).

well, our initial reason for creating “time/trip” – besides just the pure fun of it of course – was to help promote some of our favorite locally-owned and -operated shops and stores, but then last week we realized that there might be a way to promote even more local artists and artisans – some of whom don’t even have a storefront, so we created a fun little give-away wrinkle to the game to expose people to even more of our friends.

this is how it’s gonna work: players who email photos of themselves with at least five of our special “time/trip” QR codes to [email protected] before 11:59pm on August 31st will now be entered into a pool from which we’ll draw the names of sixteen winners. winners will receive a variety of fun and cool gifts from local artists like TheBooDog.com, Oregon Coast Coffee (don’t be fooled. the main online sales dude is here in La-la-land, just like you), Leanna Lin’s Wonderland – even DVDs from WeMakeMovies.org, your friendly neighborhood film collective.

time/tripLA’s a weird place to do this kind of thing. it’d probably be much easier in a city more conducive to walking and in fact, my homey Brian wants us to come up to Boston and do something like this up there. we’re considering it, but all our friends and the stores we love (i don’t want to mention them by name and ruin the fun of discovering them along the way, but one in particular makes some ridiculously delicious food) are here an LA so that’s where we at least started it.

in the meantime, we got this going and are really proud of the story – but even more so of the way it unfolds – giving people a sense of accomplishment after finding the code, then a sense of de ja vous as they watch characters walking around right where they are at the moment – i don’t want to give any more of it away, but let’s just say the the form and the substance are well matched.

if you’re down to play, free up some time and head on down to Meltdown Comics on Sunset. players will need to have a mobile device with a code scanner app (links to free apps for an iPhone, iPad, Android device or Blackberry can be found at timetripla.com) and a set of earbuds or headphones so they can clearly hear what the characters are saying. the QR codes will stop working at exactly 11:59pm on August 31st. A full list of our rules and regulations can be found at timetripla.com/rules.html.

happy hunting!

Chad is the Creative Director of supefreako productions. A writer/director with over two decades experience as a performer, Chad traveled the world with STOMP in the late nineties and then moved to Los Angeles where he’s played drums for an Elektra-records band, written and produced an album of his own and worked in TV, film and theater as an actor.

Chad founded superfreako productions in 2007 with his brother Denny and long-time girlfriend Kendall. Follow the on-going story of superfreako productions at blogfreako.com.