We Make Movies: Slate One

big news today, we just launched a kickstarter campaign for the first of what we hope will be many slates of short films. we’ve decided to go out on a limb and call it We Make Movies: Slate One. original huh? anyhoo we’re raising funds to make SIX different shorts films – only $1k per so the grand total is $6000 and since it’s Kickstarter, if we don’t hit the target, we don’t get a dime. so check out the page, share it, tweet it, dip it in chocolate and serve it up cold. we don’t care WHAT you do with it, as long as you give us a little bit of dough – no amount is too small -, spread the news and have all your friends and family give us some dough too! =)

Cricket, Moth, Spider
here are the projects:

  • Project #1: THE RWANDA BLEND. Written by Laura A. Davis and Sam Zvibleman. Directed by Sam Zvibleman. Produced by Tara Samuel, Bridget Fiori, and Sam Zvibleman

    “The Rwanda Blend” follows the real-life history of a mysterious coffee from its origins in the farmsoil of Rwanda to the lips of Julie, a lonely and lost young woman a half a world away, whose life is magically and profoundly transformed when she drinks the mystical coffee. A funny, poetic, dreamy ghost story that explores the choices we make about who we are and how we choose to see the world.

  • Project #2: EMPTY. Written by Darrow Carson, Directed and Produced by John Montepare.
    While looking for some meaning in their lives, a group of Angelenos explore Art Walk in Downtown Los Angeles. One piece, by Dmitri, confounds, confuses, aggravates and annoys. What is the meaning, what is the artist trying to say? Is he saying anything at all? In the search for answers, everyone has an opinion that expresses more about them than it does about the art. Can one find true meaning in art? Or, for that matter, in anything outside oneself?
  • Project #3: CRICKET MOTH SPIDER. Written by Neil McGowan. Directed and produced by Chad Kukahiko and superfreako productions.
    An absurdist piece about three odd roommates trying to figure out why their car ran away. Waiting for Godot on a five-day meth binge.
  • Snuggle Bunny

  • Project #4: SNUGGLE BUNNY. Directed by Joe Leonard. Written by Stephanie Sanditz and Joe Leonard. Produced by Jared Parsons and Jim Revis. Starring Stephanie Sanditz, Christopher Frederick, Zosia Mamet and Jonathan Lavallee. 

    In 1991, Diana Samborn was attacked on live TV by a giant bunny. Since her mysterious death, the Snuggle Bunny — part man, part bunny suit — has vanished from public view. Watch Part I and Part II on Funny or Die.

  • Project #5: HIPSTER BACKLASH. Written and Directed by Micah Moss
    An enigmatic indie-rock band struts the tight rope between “street-cred” and “selling out”. Kick it V.I.P. with the band as they navigate the hipster-infested, pretentious waters of the music industry while asking yourself – are they truly puzzling poets, or merely pathetic posers?
  • Project #6: ALL ROADS LEAD TO PARADISE. Written and Directed by Sam Mestman. Starring Eric Michael Kochmer.
    Obama is being hunted down by the man who assassinated JFK. Only one man can stop him: Jimmy Paradise. Lover, dreamer, fighter, private eye, beach poet… Jimmy Paradise is making a movie that Sundance will have no choice but to accept.

alright, good times. spread the news, stay fancy and we’ll see you in the funny papers.