Production Needs: Sound Guy

Production: “LAST WISH” feature film trailer-Seeking Sound Person for 3-day shoot, April 2,3,5
Contact: Tara Samuel
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone Number: please email us, thank you!

Production Needs: We are looking for a sound recordist/mixer for a 3-day local Hollywood shoot. Mostly 2-3 person scenes, majority interiors. We have some equipment already: a “Rhode NT2 shotgun mic”, 2 lavs, a rolling boom + XLRs and a “Zoomba”.

We are in need of a mixer – would love for our sound person to have his/her own, but will rent on their behalf.

Payment: Negotiable. This is as indie as it gets; you definitely need to be in it for the experience of it. We have about $100 for you, for 3 days. + Lunch + Gas Money. Come on come on!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is gonna be a fun one……………..