Isaac Simons

A Los Angeles native who, despite spending his youth amid the star-encrusted detritus of Hollywood, still has yet to loose his passion for the arts, Isaac Simons has worked tirelessly as an both actor and singer-songwriter, and is eager to work with other artists passionate about their craft.

After studying direction at Northwestern University, Isaac turned his focus exclusively toward acting, performing in a number of stage productions and landing a lead role in the science-fiction/action film Entangled. Isaac has recently signed on to the feature-length film ‘The Muse’ to both act in the lead role, as well as write and record songs for the film.

A performing singer-songwriter since his youth, Isaac has recorded with producers Paul Fox (Phish, Bjork) and David Eaton (The Polyphonic Spree, Dynamite Hack) and has played in such venues as the Knitting Factory LA, the Knitting Factory NY, and the Hotel Cafe. (full venue list available upon request)

Following a recent college tour, Isaac’s online presence has escalated exponentially, garnering him a loyal fanbase centered around his youtube channel. His music can be heard at as well as on iTunes.