Who we are and what we do …

“Forget past mistakes. Forget failures. Forget everything except what you’re going to do now and do it.”

– William Durant (founder of General Motors)

WE MAKE MOVIES is an indie film collective in Los Angeles dedicated to making the independent film world a better, more humane place, and also to make some really cool shit. Created in the spring of 2009 by filmmakers Sam Mestman, Joe Leonard, and Tara Samuel, WE MAKE MOVIES is the following things:

  1. Our monthly writers workshop in LA– Our “Something To Do On A Wednesday (usually) til you get really famous night” is a free monthly Hollywood screenplay reading workshop run by Sam Mestman, Joe Leonard and Tara Samuel. We are focused on providing a venue for fresh pages to be read by actors — with the aim of encouraging the writers and exploring the material as a precursor to pre-production, whether it be for a short film, a spec pilot, or a feature film. It’s also a place for writers, actors, directors, etc. to get together and maybe meet a few people worth working with. Not only that, but we serve free wine, chips, cookies, and sometimes a vegetable and cheese platter. We are always looking for new writers and actors. This workshop is free and open to the public.
  2. This website’s resources page – There’s a lot of bad information out there. There’s a lot of useless information out there. We’ve decided to make the filmmaker resources page we’ve always been looking for but never found. It’s a continuing work in progress, and will continue to get better the longer we’re around, but everything on there we found useful or interesting in some way, and hope that you will too. We’re also hoping you’ll send links to stuff that you like or found useful as well. The goal with this is to help filmmakers, especially less experienced ones, to get really good, really useful information before they go out and make all the same stupid mistakes we made… and continue to still make. The sections are broken down in Distribution, Production, Post-Production, and Writing,
  3. Publicize community events – If you’re a member, and have something going on, tell us, and we’ll help you spread the word. We’ll post your event on this website in the events section, and mention it in our emails and on our facebook page. Part of having a community is getting people to show up at each other’s stuff and hang out together… we want to make that happen. We can’t guarantee anyone will show up to your event, but fuck it, we’re trying.